1. Non Smokers Only

'Guesthouse Sunbury' is strictly a no-smoking property. Our guests prefer to book with us because our rooms do not smell. We regret to say that we are unable to cater smokers (including outside smokers). Please do not book our rooms if you are a smoker. We reserve the right to refuse entry or cancel the booking without any refund if you are a smoker.

2. No Alcohol

Storage and consumption of alcohol is not allowed. Similarly we reserve the right to refuse entry or cancel the booking without any refund to antoxicated guests.

3. No Pets

Pets are not allowed.

4. Rentals

All listed rentals are "Room Only". Any additional service, meals or use of any appliances which are not part of your room will incur charges. Rentals need to be paid in advance. Any late payments will incur penalty @ $1 per day starting from your check-in date. You will also be required to pay all the debt recovery costs including our staff's lost time. No exceptions.

5. Add-ons

- Laundry - Washing Machine – $15 per 6Kg washing load (long stay guests get non-rollover quota of one washing load per week for free)
- Laundry - Clothes Dryer - $15 per hour
- Wall Oven / Dish Washer / Conventional Oven - $20 per hour
- Juice Extractor / Blender /  Flour Mixer - $15 per hour
- Charcoal BBQ - $20 per usage (BYO charcoal)
- Photocopy (B&W) - $2 per side
- Printing (B&W) - $2 per side
- Scanning - $2 per side
- Photocopy (Colour) - $5 per side
- Printing (Colour) - $5 per side
- Lamination - $5 per page
- Fax (within Australia) - $3 per side

6. Continental Breakfast

Continental breakfast is available for purchase at $15 per person per day. Set menu for pre-purchased continental breakfast is:

- Self Serve Tea and Coffee
- Four slices of bread
- A mini pack of biscuits
- A mini pack of crackers
- A mini pack of fruit salad in syrup
- A mini pack of Sultanas & Dry Apples
- A mini pack of cereal
- A mini tin of flavoured tuna
- Three varieties of fruit jams
- Honey
- Orange or mango juice

- Full cream or skim milk


For guests' welfare 24x7 CCT surveillance is in place in all common areas.

8. Parking

One parking spot per room is available at the frontyard, ONUS applies. 'Guesthouse Sunbury' do not take any type of responsibility.

9. Valuables/ Belongings

Guests are advised to secure their belongings/ valuables. 'Homestay Melbourne' do no take any type of responsibility for theft, damage or losses to your property.

10. Water Restrictions

Sunbury is situated in permanent water restriction zone. So, please avoid wasting the water; specially while doing the dishes OR taking shower. It is usual to spend no more than 5-7 minutes in the shower. No car washes at any time.

11. Inventory

All items in your allocated room AND access are counted / accounted for. You are responsible for any damages or losses.

12. Visitors / Additional Guests

No additional guests/ visitors allowed on premises. This includes escort services as well.

13. Shared Bathroom/ Toilet

If your room comes with shared bathroom/ toilet then you should not occupy the facility for more than 15 minutes or others will be kept waiting.

14. Payment Processors

In addition to Paypal and Bank Deposit payment options, we use Pin Payment Gateway for online credit card transactions. On your credit card statement the payment will appear as "Guesthouse Sunbury" or "Pin Payments".

15. Service Delivery Policy

On receipt of your reservation form and payment we will send you the booking confoirmation email; with your check-in and check-out dates. The email will also contain a welcome letter with our address and necessary information to access the property.

16. Refund Policy

- No refunds are applicable if cancellation requests are made within 21 days of your check-in date.

- Any other cancellations will incur admin charge of 10% of the paid amount.

17. Service Terms

By making booking and staying at 'Guesthouse Sunbury', you are acknowleding to agree and abide by our policies/ service terms & conditions.

18. Communication

All communication with 'Guesthouse Sunbury' must be in writing. This helps us to keep track of reservation requests and any promises or commitments made.